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Hello, I’m Jill, a life coach specializing in breaking the default patterns of behavior you used to survive situations and relationships where you were expected to meet the demands of others while soothing their emotional state.

These are toxic relationships and I see many women struggle to stay in these relationships because the person bringing the toxic dynamic is their parent or sibling or adult child or a co-parent. Breaking the relationship off would create more chaos, confusion, and pain.

I show you how to break the default pattern and safely navigate the toxic relationships in your life because this is my journey too.

Here is how Jill can help you safely navigate challenging,
difficult, and toxic family relationships with confidence.

I am a former school-age childcare director, pastor, and nanny. Each of those careers revealed to me in a unique way the hold default patterns had on me as I struggled with:

  1. people-pleasing in the form of rescuing others from their drama
  2. shape-shifting to the demands of narcissism
  3. feeling taken advantage of and exhausted all of the time

Each experience led me into a deeper discomfort with how much of my time and energy went to others,
their needs and demands.

I went to therapy and found some answers as to why I kept getting myself into relationships that were so one-sided,
but I never discovered how to STOP getting myself into those relationships.

The energy was familiar

The pattern was predictable

On some level, one-sided relationships with me giving my all felt very normal to me


  1. I longed for authentic connection
  2. I longed for a meaningful career that filled me with joy
  3. I longed for the day I would be excited to wake up and get my day started
  4. I longed for the ability to say no without fear or regret

That’s when I knew I had to create the change in my life that I needed.

I turned that healing journey into a guided path for you, my fellow woman who is done with the exhaustion
of being all things to all people.

woman journaling


I believe when you understand saying yes to others simply to keep them calm and happy is actually a coping skill you learned by being in a situation where one or more people were not capable of healthy relationships or communicating their needs or working through conflict, you begin the path to changing that default pattern into choosing how you show up in the world. And how you show up in the world is aligned with who you are and what you value most. YOU Aligned


I help women who are done being the go-to gal, the reliable and loyal at all costs one, the one who fixes and cleans up the mess left by the drama of others.

I help women who are ready to bring conscious choice to what they do, who they give their time to, and how they show up to their lives.

I help women who want to create a ripple effect of change in the world by saying yes to their dreams while creating time and financial freedom so they can live lives of soul-based purpose and passion.

busy mom
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My solution is built around three foundational practices or tools.

Healing is essential to moving forward. Without healing, you will only be able to change surface behaviors and those will fall apart when the pressure is on. I support you in uncovering what created the coping patterns to begin with so that you can change those patterns from deep within through addressing guilt and shame while practicing forgiveness for yourself and others.

Practical skills and tools are needed to sustain the healing and create the change you desire. I support you in creating and honoring boundaries that actually work and building emotional and relational intelligence through reflection tools and communication strategies.

Curating the life you desire, yes, I said curating. You are not creating the life you desire. You are consciously choosing who and what you want in your life in a way that aligns with you and your values. Your outer choices are a reflection of your inner work.

If you ask yourself often:

Why am I exhausted?

Why do people not appreciate me?

Why am I the only one giving, doing, showing up?

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