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Jill Jerabeck Life Coach

I help women break the cycle of keeping the peace at all costs so they can safely navigate the toxic relationships in their lives and say yes to who and what they love most

Do you feel angry all the time?
Do you feel overwhelmed by regret and fear?
Do you struggle to set healthy boundaries?
Do you show up for others, but not yourself?
These are a few of the signs you might be keeping the peace at all costs so others feel calm and secure.

Keeping the peace patterns rise out of learning to cope and navigate toxic relationships in your life. These toxic relationships might have been or continue to be with:

  • a parent

  • a partner or co-parent

  • an employer

  • a sibling

  • an adult child

Have you ever felt…

  • scared to speak up?

  • like it isn’t safe to be yourself?

  • vulnerable and unprotected?

  • boundaries are not allowed?

  • it isn’t safe to express emotions?

  • a complete lack of validation?

You are in the right place!

Your first step to healing begins now.

Schedule your complimentary session with Jill by clicking here. In this 30 minute session, we will explore how toxic relationships and dynamics in your life created coping patterns in your life that you still use when anything feels similar to that energy. These coping patterns are now your default patterns any time you feel overwhelmed and pressured to fix the drama of others or take on their emotional drama as your own.

In this complimentary session, we will also find your first steps towards changing those default patterns so that you can heal yourself and your relationships, discover your true purpose and passion and create a plan for living your life free of regret, people-pleasing, and fear.

Jill Jerabeck Life Coach


I’m Jill

I am Jill and I am passionate about helping women safely navigate toxic relationships with people they don’t want to completely cut off, such as a parent, sibling, adult child, or co-parent.

Coaching Memberships

Academy Membership

Academy membership is a 10-week hybrid coaching membership designed to support you in ending the exhaustion you feel by being all things to all people so that you can continue to say yes to others without losing yourself in the process. The Academy membership is facilitated by Jill and includes the following benefits: private Facebook group, 6 group & 4 private coaching sessions, and  8 learning modules plus reflection guides


"There was so much interaction with Jill. I could ask questions, I felt supported."

~ Julie, Anoka-Hennepin Community Education participant

“Jill is motivating, compasionate and has a deep wisdom. She challenges her clients while helping them stretch themselves to a new discovery of hope, strength and change. I live my life with a much more positive outlook, with courage and grace when faced with tough circumstances. I recommend Jill to anyone that wants to live life to the fullest."

 ~ Ann, mom of two

"Jill is a frequent guest speaker in my family studies class at a local university. She is a wise professional and my students love learning from her! They are always impressed with Jill’s dedication, resilience, and authentic personality. She is committed to healing and helping others, and deeply understands the value and importance of human connection and healthy relationships."

~ Kimberly, St. Thomas University

“Jill made the planning process for our group so smooth. She was easy to work with and more than met the needs of our group. She is an asset to any group’s presentation schedule!”

~ Christina, Mothers of Preschoolers

"I use Fearless Living tools all the time. Working with Jill for 6 months on learning how to use the Fearless Living tools helped me make the best choices for me and transition into the life I have always longed to live, but was too stuck and afraid to live."

~ Jane, single mom of 2

"After attending a class that Jill taught this winter I would wholeheartedly recommend her for this position. She is one of the most sincere, kind, authentic, passionate and courageous individuals I have ever met and admire. Her ability to be non-judgmental is very transparent. I personally was inspired by her willingness to be vulnerable while demonstrating forgiveness through personal examples. She has a heart for people and love that will propel her far into her career-vocation. "

~ Patty, Woodland Hills Church

“Jill, just a quick note to say thanks again for teaching in the class last night, and also to tell you that you did a FANTASTIC job! It was excellent, very thorough, great rapport with the class, excellent content and delivery, and also so very clear that you had immersed yourself in the previous weeks' materials so you were "one of us"!! I look forward to more of your teaching/training ministry with us!”

~ Kevin, Woodland Hills Church


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