Coaching Memberships

Why membership?

Membership provides you with the benefits of community support plus individual support at the same time. This accelerates your transformation and creates the opportunity for new friendships and encouragement as you go through this personal transformation.


Academy Membership

Academy membership is a 10-week hybrid coaching membership designed to support you in ending the exhaustion you feel by being all things to all people so that you can continue to say yes to others without losing yourself in the process. The Academy membership is facilitated by Jill and includes the following benefits:

  • private Facebook group
  • 6 group & 4 private coaching sessions
  • 8 learning modules plus reflection guides
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Private Coaching

Sometimes you need support curated to your unique goals and challenges without any curriculum or trainings. This is where private coaching packages become the catalyst for healing, breakthroughs, and momentum towards your goals.

  • 3- and 6-pack options available
  • group coaching sessions included to maximize your coaching experience and personal growth
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Basic and Consistency Membership

Basic and Consistency membership is open to women who have completed the Academy, the Accelerated Academy, or a private coaching package for ongoing support and accountability within a private community facilitated by Jill and includes the following benefits:

  • private Facebook group (Basic & Consistency)
  • up to 2 group coaching sessions per month (Basic & Consistency)
  • one private coaching session with Jill per month (Consistency)

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