Do you struggle with doing and doing and doing and still feeling like you haven’t done enough?
Do you struggle with being all things to all people and still wonder if you are enough?
Here’s the bad news: You will never be enough IF your goal is to keep others happy and soothed.
There is not enough doing or being to satisfy another person. AND, there is not enough doing or being to satisfy yourself if you are hoping to feel like you are enough with what you do and how you shape-shift to be the person that keeps others happy.
“Not enough” is the mantra of a perfectionist. I know because I am a recovering perfectionist!
“Not enough” is also a default pattern that developed because you got the message that your value lies in what and how much you do for others.
“Not enough” is shame seeping through from messages of your past into your present day life.
Do these phrases run through your head too?
~If I could just…
~I should have…
~If only I would…
The perfectionist is always striving for some ideal that is not actually achievable, yet they continue to strive because something deep within tells them they are not enough unless…
👉 Unless you have the career
👉 Unless you cook dinner from scratch every night
👉 Unless you are debt-free
👉 Unless you have the perfect relationship
👉 Unless you get along with everyone
IT’S EXHAUSTING!!! And, it’s pointless.
End the cycle of “not enough” by recognizing you are not here to please others.
You are here to be unapologetically YOU, which means you get to honor your own needs, wants, and desires. You get to create your own path. You get to celebrate who you are. You get to choose your life and how you live it.
Try these three steps to shift from “not enough” to “non-negotiable worthiness for belonging and all good things”:
1. When you feel pressure to be perfect, remind yourself you can control what you practice and you can choose to take action steps towards your needs and desires.
2. Embrace the fact that life is about the ebb & flow. Some days are amazing and others aren’t so amazing. Being present to what is instead of trying to force something else empowers you to respond to life from the core of who you are.
3. Celebrate the glorious, complex mess your life will always be! That’s what makes you and your life beautiful! We are complex creatures on an unpredictable journey. Allow yourself to make mistakes. Allow yourself to be at 50%. Allow yourself rest. Allow yourself hard work. Allow all of who you are with compassion.
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